Roll Call

We would like to honor those individuals listed below for their heroic service to our country.

Richard A. Koss Sr.
Technician Fifth Grade, US Army, European Theater of Operations

Radioman 1st Class James D. Hardin
US Navy, European Theatre

Thomas R. Hefner
US Air Force, WWll

Pfc. Leo G. Kulovitz
US Army, Pacific Theatre

Sgt. Robert W. Albrecht
US Army, Pacific Theatre

E7 Gunnery Sgt. Robert Paul Johnson, Sr.
US Marines, Pacific Theatre

Pvt. John F. Sullivan
Civil Air Patrol, WWII

John P. Franzen

Lt. Colonel A. Regina Bennett
US Army Nurses Corp, Europe

Staff Sergeant Ronald C. Kelshaw
U. S. Army Air Corps European Theatre of Operations

Commander Richard E. Curtis
World War II and the Korean War